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Cisco Specialist 500-710 pdf dump | Passtcert


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Cisco Specialist 500-710 pdf dump | Passtcert

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500-710 Study Guides

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An administrator notices that when alias information is changed manually on an endpoint that is registered to an Expressway, the changes are successful, but then revert back to their original state the following day. Which cause is the most likely?
A.The changes are not being saved properly on the endpoint.
B.A template is being persistently pushed to the endpoint from TMS.
C.A template is being pushed persistently to the endpoint from the Expressway.
D.The alias information of the endpoint is duplicated on another endpoint.
Answer: B

Which option do Enterprise settings on Cisco Spark determine?
A.where user information comes from
B.how connectors are integrated in a hybrid deployment
C. bot integration
D.API integration
Answer: A

Which two statements about the relationship between the Expressway series and the Cisco Unified Communications Manager are true? (Choose two.)
A.The Expressway solution can be peered with a Cisco Unified Communications Manager to allow for greater capabilities.
B.The Expressway series can never operate as a standalone call-control solution.
C.The Expressway series requires the peering with a Cisco Unified Communications Manager to act as a call-control device.
D.The Expressway series may operate as a standalone call-control solution.
E.The Expressway series only supports SIP-based communications.
Answer: AB

Which three options are for deploying Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms products? (Choose three.)
A.CMR Premises
B.CMR Live
CCMR Hybrid
D.CMR Cloud
E.CMR Virtual
F.CMR Security
Answer: ACD

Cisco Meeting Server can be deployed using three different deployment models, which option lists deployment models that are the best solution to accommodate fail-over?
A.single combined server deployment
B.scaled and resilient server deployment
C.scaled and combined server deployment
D.single split server deployment
Answer: B

Valid Passtcert 500-710 Exam

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